Contemporary slow-jewellery designed and by Michala Eken, Copenhagen based architect and jewellery designer/maker.
Handcrafted in Copenhagen.

-My jewellery design is characterized by its ornamental, linear, minimalistic and clear geometric language. I use my background as an architect and my urge to play with contours, structure, form, and proportion - sculpting each piece with a significant aesthetic and poetic expression that renders them timeless, functional and unique at the same time.

-The basic motif of my work is the simple balance between contrasting elements. My jewellery designs are often playful with moving parts. I see the decoration of body and space as statements in physical form sparking connections between object and carrier or viewer.

-Each piece of jewellery I make carry connotations to inspirations I collect from my everyday life: urban surroundings, simple geometries, post rock music, poetry and fine arts ...

-My background as a goldsmith is unconventional: I'm an architect, specializing in large scale art commissions and the former owner of a Copenhagen artspace. I recently finished a larger, site-specific precious metal commission - an altar cross in silver to Venø Church, Struer, Denmark. I've been designing contemporary jewellery and precious metal objects since 2014 where I designed the JUJU collection that still holds several of my ‘hero pieces’ - including the TWINS and COME TOGETHER bracelets and the JOIN ring.

I have my own workshop and showroom in Linnésgade no27 by Nørreport Station in central Copenhagen, where I personally craft every piece of jewellery.



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Linnésgade 27, butik tv, DK-1361 København K

+ 45 20 81 91 42

Tuesday-Friday 11:30 to 16:00

Other hours by appointment - or coincidence ...

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me to book a studio appointment or with any other request you might have regarding my jewellery.


Selections of my handcrafted jewellery is also available from Dina Vejling in Brandts Passage, Odense, Museum Ragnarock Shop at the Rockmuseum in Roskilde, 1+1 design in Aarhus, Lövendahl dark shop in Vesterbro, Arkitektens Butik and DAC Designshop / BLOX in Copenhagen K.